Fingerprinting and Tuberculosis Testing
Volunteer Requirements

What is required to volunteer in a Morgan Hill Unified school?

MHUSD welcomes any member of the student’s family, caring adults in the student’s life, as well as members of our local community to volunteer. All volunteers working on the school grounds on a regular, on-­‐going basis need to have their fingerprints and tuberculosis test results on file at the Morgan Hill Unified School District office.


Fingerprinting and tuberculosis test results must be on file for volunteers that are:

  • Ongoing, long-term: Volunteering at the school regularly, more than once a year
  • At school: Volunteering on school grounds or in the classroom, has access to privileged information
  • Face-to-face: Volunteering with direct contact with children
  • Alone: Volunteering as the sole adult with children, unsupervised with children (i.e., during a field trip)

(Examples are shown in the table below)

NOT REQUIRINGFingerprinting and TB testing REQUIRINGFingerprinting and TB testing
  • A volunteer is bringing baked goods to the school for the Family Dance.
  • A volunteer is selling flowers before and after a school theater performance.
  • A volunteer completing classroom jobs at home and returning them to the teacher when dropping their child off for school.
  • A volunteer creating the class newsletter at home for a teacher.
  • A volunteer coordinating a class party by calling or emailing parents to get for donations and arrange games and other entertainment.
  • A volunteer judge for the yearly science fair.
  • Coordinate Scholastic book orders (collect orders and enter them into the Scholastic web site)
  • A volunteer helping in the classroom during all of the rainy day recesses during the winter. The volunteer is working more than once on the school grounds, has direct contact with children and may also be the sole adult with children.
  • A driver for a field trip. While not operating on school grounds, a field trip driver will be alone with children and have direct contact.
  • A volunteer who helps children in the classroom with their math exercises every week.
  • A volunteer for class parties that helps children with a craft or baking exercise.
  • A volunteer organizing a lunch-time club.
  • Assist with curb-side traffic direction during drop- offs (before school) and pick-ups (after school)

 Frequently asked questions

  1. Why does the school require that volunteers be fingerprinted? The purpose of the criminal background check is to insure that a person is permitted by law to participate in a school setting as a volunteer or The California Education Code, Health and Safety Code and Penal Code sections determine which offenses are or are not permitted. Fingerprinting is the most accurate way to collect this information.
  1. What if I have an old DUI on my record and parking violations? Not everyone with an offense on their record is excluded from Each situation is handled confidentially on a case-by-case basis.  Please note that prospective volunteers are asked to disclose any and all prior history of criminal convictions other than minor traffic violations.
  1. Will my fingerprints be passed to any other government agency? Your fingerprints are cleared with the Department of Justice and the Beyond that, your fingerprints will not be used for any other purpose than to make sure you are safe to work with children and will not be passed to any other agency.
  1. How long are my fingerprint results valid? As long as you volunteer in MHUSD Schools.
  1. Do I have to be fingerprinted to attend award ceremonies or theater performances for my child? No, only volunteers for these events would need to be
  1. I had to be fingerprinted for work, can this report be used? No, MHUSD requires that a new fingerprint clearance be conducted with results sent to MHUSD before volunteers begin working with children on behalf of the

7. For some of the volunteer tasks, I’m not sure if I need to be fingerprinted. How can I know?

Ask yourself:

  1. Will I be volunteering on the school grounds on more than one occasion?
  2. Will I participate directly with children on the school grounds?
  3. Will I be acting as the sole adult alone with the children?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you need to have your fingerprints on file at MHUSD.

8. Will the tuberculosis (TB) test and fingerprinting requirements be tracked? How and by whom?

The results of these requirements are kept on file at the MHUSD offices and an active list will be maintained at the local school site.

  1. Why do I need to get tested for tuberculosis? Tuberculosis (TB) is a contagious disease that can be deadly if not treated Each year, Santa Clara County reports more cases of active TB than 30 states. In order to volunteer with children, you need to be free of this disease.
  1. Where can I get a tuberculosis test? TB tests may be obtained by any physician or clinic.


A fingerprinting form can be obtained at the Morgan Hill Unified School District office located at 15600 Concord Circle in Morgan HIll. Please call the MHUSD Human Resources office at 408-201-6020 to make an appointment.

Please bring the following items to your appointment:

  • Driver’s License or California ID, Permanent Resident Card
  • Tuberculosis test results ( form can be obtained in Human Resources)

Once your Fingerprints and TB have cleared, you will be called to pick up your volunteer badge. This badge should be worn whenever you are on a school site or school sponsored trip as a volunteer. This badge indicated that you have been cleared and may be used at any site or program as evidence of clearance.