Welcome to the MHUSD Parent Page. Here you will find links to important services and documents which are used district-wide. 

Distance Learning Resources for Parents

Recursos de Aprendizaje a Distancia para Padres

Parent Technology Manual - Beginner Level

Manual de tecnología para padres Nivel principiante

Rights And Responsibilities Handbook

This handbook is provided to both students and parents/guardians to acknowledge policies  regarding attendance, student discipline and more.

Computer System Acceptable Use Agreement

Chromebook Insurance

The purpose of this policy to protect MHUSD families from accumulating debt due to accidental damage or theft (see definitions below) of school-issued Chromebooks

Project 2-Inspire

California Association for Bilingual Education's Parent and Family Engagement Program is focused on working with CABE’s partners from school districts and county offices to provide parents with the best opportunities and resources to help their children succeed in school.