About Us

A Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math Focused Academy

Welcome to P.A. Walsh STEAM Academy!

Who was P.A. Walsh? Our school was named after Patrick Augustus Walsh, who was a local resident and rancher. He was a school board trustee in the1920s before our schools were unified. After the schools in the area became Morgan Hill Unified School District, he continued his support as a board member for 36 more years! His perseverance and dedication are an inspiration to our staff and students.

What is a STEAM Academy? A STEAM Academy focuses on the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math into all subject areas. When using the STEAM approach, students learn to incorporate skills from all subject areas to work out innovative and creative answers to real-world problems. Students who learn in a STEAM Academy acquire the skills to be well prepared for success in the 21 century.

The implementation of STEAM  takes place in three phases:

Phase 1: Technology and the Arts will be integrated into units of study for English Language Arts and Math with some additional exploration in the area of Science. Teachers have ongoing professional development on and off-site in these areas by trained professionals and real world experts in their field. A music teacher meets with each class on a weekly basis. A professional art teacher is on site and the art studio has opened.

Phase 2: Integration of Science and Social Studies is the focus of this phase. After many project-based learning opportunities in phase 1, students and staff add Science and Social Studies to the STEAM repertoire. The Science Lab is open. Teachers are working on more Science and Engineering and working on integrating the subjects.

Phase 3: The content areas will be taught through the integrated STEAM approach.

Our STEAM Academy houses an art studio and a science lab. The school has wi-fi inside and outside. Students have one-to-one chrome books or tablets. Our newly renovated facility provides the perfect backdrop for our students to learn.

I am proud to serve as principal of the P.A. Walsh STEAM Academy. Our amazing staff is committed to providing an outstanding education for our students. Our students are eager and ready to learn.

Teresa Sermersheim