Home & School Club

Welcome to the P.A. Walsh Home and School Club.  Please join the staff and other families to help bring interesting activities and special supplies to our students.  We look forward to seeing you at many events and meetings throughout the year.


All About Home & School Club


The P.A. Walsh Home and School Club provides avenues for volunteer opportunities between home, school, and the community.  We organize fundraising events that provide funds for staff needs and for interesting educational and enrichment activities for the benefit of all our students.

The Home and School Club provides field trips for the students, which are not usually provided by the school or district.  We arrange for educational assembly presentations twice each year.  The Book Fair in the Spring  is where our students can buy great inexpensive books and is set up and run by parent volunteers donating some time to cover a shift or more.  Because of our fundraising, the classroom teachers are able to buy needed materials for the classrooms and students are able to participate in additional enrichment activities.


The Walsh Home and School club is a non-profit organization.  It is open to the parents, staff, and community members in the Walsh attendance area.

There are many ways to help out at P.A. Walsh School.  Please click the buttons at the left that list our events and think about what suits you.  Let us know if you have a new idea you would like to coordinate by coming to Home and School Club meetings, by contacting Valerie Carr through email at gvtmcarr@charter.net  We hope to see you at meetings and activities and to hear from you soon.


The Home and School Club meets monthly.  Below you will find a list of our meeting days and times.


Who to Contact

For information on who to contact, please go to the Contact Us! selection at the left.  You will find names and contact information for officers and activity organizers.

How to give without cost to you

We have many ways you can give to the school without taking money from your pocket.

·         If you are a Safeway shopper you can benefit our school in two other ways too!  Shop using your gift cards mentioned above AND register your Safeway club card at www.escrip.com to receive a percentage back every time you use your club card AND register your club card at www.elabelsforeducation.com to receive points when you purchase particular products, we can redeem these points for equipment.

·         Box Tops are on lots of products you buy, you’ll find them on cereal, storage bags, chips etc.  Clip the Box Top and bring them into school – they are worth 10c to us and with many families collecting them this soon adds up.  Look out for our competitions throughout the year.

·         Shop with Scrip.