P.A. Walsh STEAM Academy 

Core Values

 1.  Empowerment

We believe in providing an environment for teaching and nurturing skills and habits of mind that will enable students to make independent, respectful, and responsible decisions. At P.A. Walsh STEAM Academy, students will be inspired to reach their full potential.

 2. Equitable Access   

We believe all students, regardless of ability, language, cultural or socioeconomic backgrounds, should be provided with a high-quality instruction which meets their individual needs, and provides access to rigorous learning experiences.

3. Innovative Curiosity

 We believe our students should be provided with the opportunity to consider new ideas, take responsible risks, and explore creative solutions to a variety of situations. We encourage tolerating struggle with new concepts and persevering until a task is completed.

 4. Collaboration & Diversity

We believe in embracing and celebrating individuality and differences. At P.A. Walsh STEAM Academy, students will listen to others and use differences of opinion to support learning. Students will work cooperatively with each other to develop social skills needed in real life situations to design, investigate, and share ideas.